Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year @ Godly being ...!!

NEW YEAR – These words become more of a common use for every 365 or 366 days of happiness, sadness, boredom, anxiety and all the other mixed feelings available which are open to be axiomatic. And the moments pass ; at times, time moves faster than speed. (I don’t know how to equate this in a mathematical formula, but the point is… Who cares..!!)This cycle goes on and on and on. Some make friendship, some fall in love, some break up, some break and make up, some make and break up, some don’t do anything of this sort and get into good MBA colleges, get thru other Professional Courses, which means they study…!!

Amidst all the happenings around us, we often forget the reason for which we’ve been sent on the earth, the reason for which we are human, we forget the person who’s sent us to make most of our presence on this earth, something worth reckoning when we go back to him. Yes, I’m talking about God, Allah, Ram, Waheguru, Almighty, or whatever name you may give to the omnipresent person. Like how some things are invisible, inexplicable, impalpable, incomprehensible, but still we believe it to be there, so is the flame of God. It is coruscating 24/7...

Let me not be very profound, philosophical or esoteric. Let me talk from a very basic perspective. He sends you on earth, gives you life to live, gives you sorrows, and pleasures too, gives you appreciations and brickbats, throws you into worst troubles, takes you out of them, helps in making your own enemies, saves you from them also, gives you light, gives you darkness, gives you good thoughts, gives you bad ones also not forgetting he tells you what’s the right path to choose. Naaz Khialwi has very well told “Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho” – “You are a puzzle”. Naaz tries to appeal that He, the Lord, can do anything. What short will He fall of if He wants you to see falling into a pit or to lose an organ..!! It’s his own pleasure to save his loved ones and see others cry, or see his loved ones crying and others happy...!! Nothing can stop him. Actually, Nothing..!!

(Source : Sri Guru Granth Saheb Ji – “Jio Jio tera Hukum Tive Teo Hovna” – Whatsoever He wishes, so shall happen)

People – Going back to the rendition of Barter - Out of all the 24 hours he gives us to breathe, to see our eyes opening in the morning, to have all our organs on the body intact, cant we give him some part of the ‘very busy 24 pack’ to thank him for adding one more day in our life. Can’t we recite His name to benefit our own soul.. Guruiqbal Singh Ji has very nicely put –“If you want to live like a king during the day, become a beggar in the morning and come to Him” He’s your best friend, if you wish to see him that way – “Saajano Tu Meet Mera”… (Source : SGGSJi)
I’m not so religious person, And don’t wish to detest not so religious people, the very support to this being my very good friends are tagged agnostics and atheists, but I believe in the basic funda of business. If you want your business to remain in the market, you got to offer better and extra services to your customers to retain them, apart from just thanking them for accepting your product. And today even the biggest atheist advertisers have started saying – Customer is God.. !! Such is the Paradox..!! God save them.. Oops … Customers save them..!!
Hope we move from the world of debauchery and demagogues to a world of halcyon-ism, tranquility, and austerity. Hope the word – Atheism/agnosticism - goes archaic. Hope this year makes us praise His greatness in His will… ( Lots of hopes huh!! I sound like Martin Luther King now..! sigh..! ) God bless us all..!! Happy New Year..!!
(Parts of the above - Inspired by universal grounds of Sri Guru Granth Saheb Ji.. )