Sunday, February 5, 2012

Droplets of water........

Droplets of water, hitting the wavering window..

The little wine left in the bottle calming itself...

The smoke of the stub making its way out ..

Gentle breeze, entering the window.. Turning the pages one by one..

Bringing the sleeping book to the unread chapter of passion..

Moon, in its sharp curves, flirting with the clouds playing hide n seek !

The night so composed.. and it is…. of course.. with you in me…

Droplets of water, still hitting the wavering window..

Heading towards it, oh look what I see..

Smiling there she dawdles.. Drenching bit by bit..

Water sliding down like pearls, onto the ends of her hair..

She needs no shade.. a little dance and a song.. on it she is on.. and I see in despair..

Thou not know.. you define pleasance..

Thou not know.. Enamoured in your expressions.. !

Your little anger.. and then the hidden smile…

Both of them put me, into the billet of exile..

Into the debt of thy presence, I fall now and then..

Ah, you make me a loser, don’t do it again..

And the cold distance.. no nearing thereby..

Here you see I watch.. Little shameless, no shy.

The drizzle on your cheek, not wanting to subside..

What a stay they get, look how they abide !

My senses they converge, coming down at your door..

Knock it.. knock it again.. there you shall see..

The bouquet of petals.. with love !!

PS: Inspired by the romanticism all around in Manipal !

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

That One Night ...!!

That one night, the darkness was just gaining black with every leaping minute. It was the night when all my emotions ran into callousness and wanted to go all blunt. They wanted to feel for none. For it was, an hour ago, a fight with my dad, where he reasoning out his principles on ‘art of living’, advising on how to live, which were to me just some nascent ‘start of living’, the yesteryear road show…! I’d left the house, by now, it was, 01.17 a.m….

I was now on the streets of the adjacent colony, where pavement lights tried to glow. The heavy trees above them had spread their claws to such an extent, that the light from the bulb had to fight its way to reach the ground. Lurching down the road and kicking the sleeping pebbles, I questioned and cursed for no reason on my own but unknown state of affairs…

It had rained heavily that evening. The roads were still wet; reek of the wet soil was still in the air. The chill breeze hit my chest, drawing the arms close. For that moment though, the coldness, did not much matter, for it were tears in my eyes. I’d weeped for the whole past one hour, eyes all red, replenished tear glands, they were waiting for the emotions to pucker up, and once they got the intimation, they poured. The streets here were in apathy; the houses bed-lighted, as even the time for the lullabies had passed…………

Loitering farther down the lane, I could find a nicely elevated pavement to sit, the street lights there too, ironically, strived to get some light for themselves. It was unjustly dark but justly lighted too, a so called ‘candle lighted serene’. I could hear the dogs howling at a distance. I dint know the reason though, I’d somehow begun liking the solitude, the reclusion had just begun giving me the right solace, when I heard something coming towards me. Startled, and looked for to find, the noise came from the dark shadow of the gigantic Banyan tree at the right of me. Tears on my cheek had dried up, now within fraction of seconds, fear, anxiety and courage came to the front, and they were getting ready to face the ambuscade. The mentioned adjectives came to a standstill when I saw a pug, or a cute living being (as girls call it) coming out from the darkness. First came its head, then its body and then followed by its tiny tail. And then, what I saw was it wasn’t alone. The chain across the collar of the dog was fastened and held by its master on the other end. No…! Wait…..! It wasn’t a ‘master’, of what I could decipher in the weak light. It was a mistress. The first ray of light fell on her, and, I, indeed, submissively, fell in her. The entire lament which I’d carried till then had drawn a blank. I could feel the chill in my heart, it was now quickly beating. Her flawless skin, large blue eyes with a black shade, the glitter in them requiring no artificial halogens, perfect contours of the brows - so much complimenting her visage, the snug lips-as though holding a secret, hair untied, bringing her hand close to the falling strand of hair on her cheek to set it back, I was taken aback by the sensuality in her simplicity. She was wearing a full sleeved green churidaar, which looked perfectly stitched, just to match her perfection; it was supplemented with a red colored chunni across. The color of her dress accentuated the beauty. What I had not seen in my brightest days, had now appeared in the gloomiest night. Her delirious charm had caught me; she looked at me, immediately withdrew her eyes and started walking ahead. I gathered all the possible courage, not giving any second thought, I spelled out

“Hey! Nice pug…..”
“Thanks” , she did reply..!!
“You’ve come out to walk at such a late night.” I tried asking one more sentence.
“Yes.. Any problem…?! ” came a curt reply…

Having been mesmerized by her beauty, and the green coloredchuridaar, I could reckon it; it was now the time to get flattered by her boldness.

“No..! Not any.. You’re a brave girl..! ” and I smiled.
“Hello, all girls are brave ….” She said, and now, smiled back. And added, “Looks like you’ve weeped huh.. ?”
It’s the most derogatory sentence a man can ever listen to from a girl he’s started longing for. I cursed for how my face could be so expressive at such a damn wrong time.
I immediately retorted “No.. I dint. ”….. She dint believe it though and slightly grinned at my now slightly angry face..!
”Wana walk along ?” she asked.
What more could I ask for, “Yeah. Sure. But aren’t you scared of me ? I’m the lone guy on this deserted street.”
“No.. I’m not. And, you look like you’re from a decent clan.”
I just said “You should be an HR…!” We smiled, then talked, and now, walked.

I knew, if I’d spoken about her spell on me, I could be misunderstood. It would be just a materialistic aplomb falling succinct of what I could think of at that point of time. So, I was tailoring my thoughts and customizing the replies. I loved it, for the conversation had happened. I was sure I hadn’t seen a prettier thing than her in my life. We almost reached her place.

Spotting the house, the pug, uninterested in our talk, without his mistress’ approval, ran into the house. The thin chain which she had held, took a slight pull and it slipped away from her hand. I could see something falling off her fingers. I picked it up.

She said “Hey..! Isn’t that a lovely ring! ”
I, perplexed, “Yes.. It is.”
She added a few more words, which had deleted my vocabulary for a while, “I was engaged yesterday, I should rather call it, a ‘Love Engagement’.” She smiled and blushed.

Her words had made a deep collision in me with total dismay and disbelief. I was mute. The street was dead silent. Of all what I could hear was the sound when the leaves moved. My throat choked, tear glands wanted my approval, I told them “No… Afterwards...” Still, a drop of water had fallen on the diamond. She dint see it, rather I dint wanted her to. I could see the mirth and blush when she took the name of the owner of the diamond. I ‘gave’ it back to her. I wished, at that very moment, if I could ‘offer’ her the same. Her home had come. She said “Alright then, now you go home. Don’t linger. It was a pleasure talking to you..!” and smiled. My heart grew heavy, I replied, or it were the only words I could manage to utter “Same here. !.”

I rushed back to my home, on the way back, I’d had my notions driven into a vacuum. Unable to recover from the thump, I started walking briskly, inhaling more air into me. The thought about my inability to augment the bond between me and her, made me lugubrious. The only sedative my mentoring mind had offered me was – “Dude, she has already come wishfully ‘under the hammer’, any a price you try, would be deterred…!!”

I rushed into my home where I could find my dad still awake for me, for he knew me, I couldn't stay long out of the house. He smirked at me and said “Theek he hun sab? Gussa utargaya hega tera?” .. I said “Haanji Paa…” I ran towards him and gave him a tight hug. He smiled at one end, and at the other, tears rolled down from the eyes.............................

The Lopsided Me...!!

Dwelling in the silent roads of limbo……
Even the whisper sounding loud…………
No existence of love, No shoulder, sinking gallantry around…
Perfidy has hit big… No song of trust being played..
Recluse in the mass, in quest of shade, or at least a remote hand in vague…!!
No chord of rhythm, euphony withdrawn…
Blast here, there a bomb… no bliss, no thee, just demon and don…
Some sweat just dripped, Some blood just shed, Some bones just fell…..
Yes, I do see this..
The cries of the mother, the stranded children on the streets, the jobless mates un-fed …
Yes, I do see this..
Do I have a palliative..? Do I have an option…?
The young bloody affair in me, searching for a key…
To unlock the virgin-courage, it’s a belligerence for some glee…
The cafes of sin, filling the jar… Boozing off like a beast, at some roadside bar..!
Will I sleep peacefully, Will I wake up liberated….
Or will I be the same helot, the ‘real’ me obliterated…!!
Berserk is the crowd, for no botheration of pride,
Berserk is the inner spirit, for all the morality lop-side..!!
High Time Calling, the conscience mending walls,
“Wake up, Wake up you jerk” -- it’s my vanity which calls…!!
Fire in me conflagrating, my shadow craving for its laurel…
I don’t ask for a boastful fire, I don’t ask for a battle,
I intrude into the darkness, darker I go.. Seeking for an aim, aimlessly I go..
I ask for a candle, the ignited flame of love…!!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Madame d'elite....

Shrill cries of the bees stop.. Fog starts effacing..
Water freezes into pearls… Knowledge forgets its wisdom…
World thwarts at once……….
The sound of the train, the passing by woods so wild…
Under the dimming light she lay, sublimity like a child…
My thoughts ran ignoring.. I caught them back..
For they couldn’t go beyond, the beauty they hadn’t seen…
They came back.. They saw it, at her they starred, And dint move a bit.. Like dead by a hit..
Yes they saw her.. And me too now.. The moment freezed..
The strands of her hair, rested on her face,
Beg your pardon Oh lord, how did you make such a grace..!!
The lids of her eyes slowly came close,
To see that motion happen, a million angels rose.. !!
It’s green she wore, tranquility on her face,
Beauty at its best, with a little company of scorn,
Perfect blend thee gave, after trillions were born..!!
Fluke by my side, flames inside, the champagne of victory, for seeing her reside…
Under the dim light she lay, train catching the speed on, around her the time dawn…
She lay under the quilt, like the fresh grass on the lawn…
The decoying lips, the perfectly carved nose,
The olive eyes they wreak, sorcery unclose..!!
Like a Christmas tree’s December shine,
The carols, the robes, the evening wine...
The soft run of the child on the liquid grass,
The smell of the mud, in the first rain,
For all goodness I could think, under the dim light she lay,
She took me aloof, for the thoughts un-knocked, cumulating on the fray..
Yes, madness of the sight, the moment of truth which has been..
Making me say I bet – the scene unseen…!!!

Looking Forward..

This is an year wherein I look forward to complete all my undone or rather left open endeavours. I would like to bring my dwindling ship to a place close to the shore, or atleast start moving it towards the shore.....!! Looking back i never found solace, looking forward, I might not find it, for it shall be found when the missions are accomplished... !!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year @ Godly being ...!!

NEW YEAR – These words become more of a common use for every 365 or 366 days of happiness, sadness, boredom, anxiety and all the other mixed feelings available which are open to be axiomatic. And the moments pass ; at times, time moves faster than speed. (I don’t know how to equate this in a mathematical formula, but the point is… Who cares..!!)This cycle goes on and on and on. Some make friendship, some fall in love, some break up, some break and make up, some make and break up, some don’t do anything of this sort and get into good MBA colleges, get thru other Professional Courses, which means they study…!!

Amidst all the happenings around us, we often forget the reason for which we’ve been sent on the earth, the reason for which we are human, we forget the person who’s sent us to make most of our presence on this earth, something worth reckoning when we go back to him. Yes, I’m talking about God, Allah, Ram, Waheguru, Almighty, or whatever name you may give to the omnipresent person. Like how some things are invisible, inexplicable, impalpable, incomprehensible, but still we believe it to be there, so is the flame of God. It is coruscating 24/7...

Let me not be very profound, philosophical or esoteric. Let me talk from a very basic perspective. He sends you on earth, gives you life to live, gives you sorrows, and pleasures too, gives you appreciations and brickbats, throws you into worst troubles, takes you out of them, helps in making your own enemies, saves you from them also, gives you light, gives you darkness, gives you good thoughts, gives you bad ones also not forgetting he tells you what’s the right path to choose. Naaz Khialwi has very well told “Tum Ek Gorakh Dhanda Ho” – “You are a puzzle”. Naaz tries to appeal that He, the Lord, can do anything. What short will He fall of if He wants you to see falling into a pit or to lose an organ..!! It’s his own pleasure to save his loved ones and see others cry, or see his loved ones crying and others happy...!! Nothing can stop him. Actually, Nothing..!!

(Source : Sri Guru Granth Saheb Ji – “Jio Jio tera Hukum Tive Teo Hovna” – Whatsoever He wishes, so shall happen)

People – Going back to the rendition of Barter - Out of all the 24 hours he gives us to breathe, to see our eyes opening in the morning, to have all our organs on the body intact, cant we give him some part of the ‘very busy 24 pack’ to thank him for adding one more day in our life. Can’t we recite His name to benefit our own soul.. Guruiqbal Singh Ji has very nicely put –“If you want to live like a king during the day, become a beggar in the morning and come to Him” He’s your best friend, if you wish to see him that way – “Saajano Tu Meet Mera”… (Source : SGGSJi)
I’m not so religious person, And don’t wish to detest not so religious people, the very support to this being my very good friends are tagged agnostics and atheists, but I believe in the basic funda of business. If you want your business to remain in the market, you got to offer better and extra services to your customers to retain them, apart from just thanking them for accepting your product. And today even the biggest atheist advertisers have started saying – Customer is God.. !! Such is the Paradox..!! God save them.. Oops … Customers save them..!!
Hope we move from the world of debauchery and demagogues to a world of halcyon-ism, tranquility, and austerity. Hope the word – Atheism/agnosticism - goes archaic. Hope this year makes us praise His greatness in His will… ( Lots of hopes huh!! I sound like Martin Luther King now..! sigh..! ) God bless us all..!! Happy New Year..!!
(Parts of the above - Inspired by universal grounds of Sri Guru Granth Saheb Ji.. )

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love - bed of bedlam...

Disclaimer : All those who’ve been into it, above it, or below it, under it or over it, on It or off it, it=love, please read.. And those who don’t fall under the above criteria, you must read then. Below mentioned is purely fiction. But if you feel you are a part of it directly or indirectly via your friends or far relatives (as far as Somalia deserts), I shall be held no responsible for it’s the very nature of human minds to coincide, like me and Shakespeare. .. Sigh.. !!

Love – ha..!! A four letter word which transforms your four sided world, leaves no other atom of progress to transgress. Nice feeling, Rather, the most terrible one also.. Leaves no iota of your belonging to yourself.. Rips you off from within.. Some stranger, enters your life, lacerates your heart and finds a room in it and stays without asking your permission... It makes you sublet yourself…!! You are no more the owner of your body and thoughts.. Dreadful is the feeling… Appears to be the nicest, you just feel it’s the best thing ever happened to you… Life was never this sexy.. You’re embroiled in the things never done, affection never shown, but have just shun... It is so damn bizarre and inexplicable. Just not happening to the ‘happening’ ones.. When you think it’s the right time to open up, following are the consequences you encounter-

Oh no..!! She already has a boyfriend…
Oh no..!! She’s engaged dude..
Oh no..!! She’s married dude..
Oh no..!! She’s a senior manager…
Oh no..!! She’s committed dude... (The guy she’s committed to will be thrice dumb than you, but heaven knows how he’d come across her first, making your advances go in vain. No doubt his dumbness was more powerful than your intelligence...)

Worse situation: Oh no..!! She’s not straight…!!!!!

Well, only the luckiest bastards (no pun intended) get to hear this answer –“Hey, even she kind of likes you I feel…”

Yes, now life changes. You start getting insomniac. Attending calls every now and then, texting as frequently as possible, talking about as freakiest and as tiniest a thing possible on this lamenting earth. It abdicates you and deigns at you with pleasure.. You just can’t wait more to see, to conceive, to adhere to its nascent disgorge of emotions. You are left with capitulating to the influx and efflux of facts unknown to you, but just to do justice and live in the moment, you put your arms down.

After a little time which the clock takes time to pass, you start losing the hitch, you feel things start getting jaded, they no more look interesting, smears of ignorance takes into form, not knowing what wrong you have done, who has vilified, what the farthest reason could make your nearest guesses right, nothing seems certain of the facts to relate.. Nonplused and perplexed…! Not knowing which moron has put you into this muddle. It gives you zillions of the options to think about, making you yourself the quiz master and the contestant on the hot seat. You don’t get the right answer. Neither the counterpart, who has thrown you into this ambush, gives you. The seat, at every minute, keeps getting hotter and tries to burn you from every mode of transmission leaving you with the yelling interjections. And you finally end up with something called – “I think we should move on..!!” “Yes.. Even I think so..!!” And they live happily ever after….!!!!!

(People, I’m not talking about eternal love btw, any ways the point is I’m talking fiction, and eternal love also has almost become the biggest fiction ever.. Ironically..!!)

Making it another moment of insanity, rather good to be without it and keep the ownership of yourself to you, and also not having faced such a sublet stated above in my life – I, unknowing of it to feel happy or sad about , mark my single status freedom… !!!