Saturday, February 13, 2010

Madame d'elite....

Shrill cries of the bees stop.. Fog starts effacing..
Water freezes into pearls… Knowledge forgets its wisdom…
World thwarts at once……….
The sound of the train, the passing by woods so wild…
Under the dimming light she lay, sublimity like a child…
My thoughts ran ignoring.. I caught them back..
For they couldn’t go beyond, the beauty they hadn’t seen…
They came back.. They saw it, at her they starred, And dint move a bit.. Like dead by a hit..
Yes they saw her.. And me too now.. The moment freezed..
The strands of her hair, rested on her face,
Beg your pardon Oh lord, how did you make such a grace..!!
The lids of her eyes slowly came close,
To see that motion happen, a million angels rose.. !!
It’s green she wore, tranquility on her face,
Beauty at its best, with a little company of scorn,
Perfect blend thee gave, after trillions were born..!!
Fluke by my side, flames inside, the champagne of victory, for seeing her reside…
Under the dim light she lay, train catching the speed on, around her the time dawn…
She lay under the quilt, like the fresh grass on the lawn…
The decoying lips, the perfectly carved nose,
The olive eyes they wreak, sorcery unclose..!!
Like a Christmas tree’s December shine,
The carols, the robes, the evening wine...
The soft run of the child on the liquid grass,
The smell of the mud, in the first rain,
For all goodness I could think, under the dim light she lay,
She took me aloof, for the thoughts un-knocked, cumulating on the fray..
Yes, madness of the sight, the moment of truth which has been..
Making me say I bet – the scene unseen…!!!

Looking Forward..

This is an year wherein I look forward to complete all my undone or rather left open endeavours. I would like to bring my dwindling ship to a place close to the shore, or atleast start moving it towards the shore.....!! Looking back i never found solace, looking forward, I might not find it, for it shall be found when the missions are accomplished... !!