Sunday, February 5, 2012

Droplets of water........

Droplets of water, hitting the wavering window..

The little wine left in the bottle calming itself...

The smoke of the stub making its way out ..

Gentle breeze, entering the window.. Turning the pages one by one..

Bringing the sleeping book to the unread chapter of passion..

Moon, in its sharp curves, flirting with the clouds playing hide n seek !

The night so composed.. and it is…. of course.. with you in me…

Droplets of water, still hitting the wavering window..

Heading towards it, oh look what I see..

Smiling there she dawdles.. Drenching bit by bit..

Water sliding down like pearls, onto the ends of her hair..

She needs no shade.. a little dance and a song.. on it she is on.. and I see in despair..

Thou not know.. you define pleasance..

Thou not know.. Enamoured in your expressions.. !

Your little anger.. and then the hidden smile…

Both of them put me, into the billet of exile..

Into the debt of thy presence, I fall now and then..

Ah, you make me a loser, don’t do it again..

And the cold distance.. no nearing thereby..

Here you see I watch.. Little shameless, no shy.

The drizzle on your cheek, not wanting to subside..

What a stay they get, look how they abide !

My senses they converge, coming down at your door..

Knock it.. knock it again.. there you shall see..

The bouquet of petals.. with love !!

PS: Inspired by the romanticism all around in Manipal !