Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love - bed of bedlam...

Disclaimer : All those who’ve been into it, above it, or below it, under it or over it, on It or off it, it=love, please read.. And those who don’t fall under the above criteria, you must read then. Below mentioned is purely fiction. But if you feel you are a part of it directly or indirectly via your friends or far relatives (as far as Somalia deserts), I shall be held no responsible for it’s the very nature of human minds to coincide, like me and Shakespeare. .. Sigh.. !!

Love – ha..!! A four letter word which transforms your four sided world, leaves no other atom of progress to transgress. Nice feeling, Rather, the most terrible one also.. Leaves no iota of your belonging to yourself.. Rips you off from within.. Some stranger, enters your life, lacerates your heart and finds a room in it and stays without asking your permission... It makes you sublet yourself…!! You are no more the owner of your body and thoughts.. Dreadful is the feeling… Appears to be the nicest, you just feel it’s the best thing ever happened to you… Life was never this sexy.. You’re embroiled in the things never done, affection never shown, but have just shun... It is so damn bizarre and inexplicable. Just not happening to the ‘happening’ ones.. When you think it’s the right time to open up, following are the consequences you encounter-

Oh no..!! She already has a boyfriend…
Oh no..!! She’s engaged dude..
Oh no..!! She’s married dude..
Oh no..!! She’s a senior manager…
Oh no..!! She’s committed dude... (The guy she’s committed to will be thrice dumb than you, but heaven knows how he’d come across her first, making your advances go in vain. No doubt his dumbness was more powerful than your intelligence...)

Worse situation: Oh no..!! She’s not straight…!!!!!

Well, only the luckiest bastards (no pun intended) get to hear this answer –“Hey, even she kind of likes you I feel…”

Yes, now life changes. You start getting insomniac. Attending calls every now and then, texting as frequently as possible, talking about as freakiest and as tiniest a thing possible on this lamenting earth. It abdicates you and deigns at you with pleasure.. You just can’t wait more to see, to conceive, to adhere to its nascent disgorge of emotions. You are left with capitulating to the influx and efflux of facts unknown to you, but just to do justice and live in the moment, you put your arms down.

After a little time which the clock takes time to pass, you start losing the hitch, you feel things start getting jaded, they no more look interesting, smears of ignorance takes into form, not knowing what wrong you have done, who has vilified, what the farthest reason could make your nearest guesses right, nothing seems certain of the facts to relate.. Nonplused and perplexed…! Not knowing which moron has put you into this muddle. It gives you zillions of the options to think about, making you yourself the quiz master and the contestant on the hot seat. You don’t get the right answer. Neither the counterpart, who has thrown you into this ambush, gives you. The seat, at every minute, keeps getting hotter and tries to burn you from every mode of transmission leaving you with the yelling interjections. And you finally end up with something called – “I think we should move on..!!” “Yes.. Even I think so..!!” And they live happily ever after….!!!!!

(People, I’m not talking about eternal love btw, any ways the point is I’m talking fiction, and eternal love also has almost become the biggest fiction ever.. Ironically..!!)

Making it another moment of insanity, rather good to be without it and keep the ownership of yourself to you, and also not having faced such a sublet stated above in my life – I, unknowing of it to feel happy or sad about , mark my single status freedom… !!!


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