Saturday, December 5, 2009

The First month at a workplace called Deloitte -

Prologue: Was it that I had forgotten to progress, to track my pulse for it doesnt loose a beat, to take a leap.. No.!!I knew I had to carve a niche. It was just that I needed wings to fly, platform to express, liquid to quench thirst, and there came a call from Savita (My HR) saying : Raspal.. You are "in". It was at that time, I knew I wasnt "in" as into a company, but "in" as into a place where the "best choose to be". It was a breakthrough............

Saga of W2D: The 2 days' session called "Welcome to Deloitte" at Novotel looked similar to me as how Gods must have told their disciples after the Big bang :" Look.. This is how we made the world.. Now you make it better........"I was given the Table no.3 where I had a guy (Ajay) from ISB sitting beside me. I knew where I was. It was no more any 'other' place. The first day, Bidan (our coordinator) taught us how to kiss, I mean how to wave out a kiss to the audience and introduce ourselves. It was funny, I enjoyed it though. I could see the people holding experience from 3 yrs to thirty in the firm, ventilating the thoughts on how each of them made their life meaningful with whatever they did. The sessions were taken by the top brass of different service lines. From long sessions to short siestas at the back (College habits die hard), both the days were knowledge vending, enjoyable and interactive. I had already made new friends....................................

The Training : My life had already started seeing the shuttle at 9.40 and I was seeing a female who shared the same bus stop. Well, the days of training were real fun. Our class took no time in gelling with each other. Started lunch together, taking breaks together, and yes communicator contacts were getting added every now and then and the microsoft product begged for relief.. The instructors had gone their way out to explain concepts. Cheers to their patience. I got acqainted with the softwares like Corptax, Cjett, DCW,etc.. Learnt a lot during the training. Hit the Floor: I'd hit the floor on 6th july, unaware of how will my team be.. Will I be comfortable/or will I make my team comfortable. I just then see a person calling himself the Team Lead comes staggering near me and announces :"Hi Raspal, We are here not only to become good professionals, But also to become good human beings.Welcome to Deloitte." It answered all the intricacies .Thanksgiving: I thank all my friends, all the instuctors from day 1, all those who've been a part of me directly and indirectly. And yeah, i forgot to thank the laptop providers. (courtesy: ITS).

Cheers.. !!

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